Fujikaori Kamairicha

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This kamairicha, produced by Yuusuke Oota, is made from the rare Fujikaori cultivar and boasts an astonishing floral aroma reminiscent of jasmine and Concord grape. Compared to the vast majority of Japanese green tea, kamairicha is pan-fired in a wok rather than steamed, giving the tea a nutty flavor and lighter mouthfeel. Ureshino in Saga is known as one of the birthplaces of kamairicha style tea due to trading links between the region and China. In addition to kamairicha, Yuusuke Oota produces exceptional tamaryokucha and black tea without any synthetic fertilizer or pesticides.

White bean, floral, cinnamon

Producer: Yuusuke Oota
Production Area: Ureshino, Saga
Cultivar: Fujikaori
Production Year: 2024
Packaging: 25g bag, Oxygen Free

Water: 180ml / 6 oz (195F)
Leaf Amount: 6g / 2 teaspoons
Brew Time: 1 minute

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