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2019 Uji City Matcha Horizontal Collection

Packaging Size: 3 x 20g Tin

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About 2019 Uji City Matcha Horizontal Collection

20g Honzu Asahi | 20g Uji Hikari | 20g Saemidori

Description: We have been dreaming of releasing a set like this - a full collection of one producer's teas from Uji City. This complete set showcases the works of Mr. Furukawa, one of Uji's most celebrated Tencha farmers and the 2019 winner of the Kansai Tea Competition. This set is a window into the world of Single cultivar teas. Being that each Matcha is unblended and from the same garden, you have the ability to isolate the taste, aroma and color of a single cultivar of the tea plant. What is a cultivar? Think wine grapes: Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Cabernet Franc - all grapes but with unique characteristics and profiles. We invite you to take a deep dive into some of finest Matcha being produced today.

What is so special about this tea? Single cultivar matcha is still incredibly rare to find in the consumer market place. Due to the wonderful relationship we have cultivated with the producer, several kilograms a year are made available to us. Each of these matcha can be traced to a single garden on the banks of the Uji river. The "terroir" of this area is celebrated - light, sandy soil and cool damp evenings make these teas focused in sweetness and umami with a refreshing, restrained balance. Truly some of the most sophisticated matcha available anywhere.

Recommended for: A deep dive into the world of premium Matcha


Notes on Production

Single Grower | Single Producer | Single Cultivar

Pinnacle grade, 100% Asahi Matcha, Uji Hikari and Saemidori. Shaded 25+ days, hand harvested.

Cultivars: Asahi, Uji Hikaroi, Saemidori


Uji City, Japan

Brewing Instructions

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Wonderful Matcha

Kettl has the best teas. I love the matcha and the soba cha. Highest quality!!

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