Kettl Cookie Gift Set
Kettl Cookie Gift Set
Kettl Cookie Gift Set
Kettl Cookie Gift Set

Kettl Cookie Gift Set

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Variant Butter Cookie

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A gift of sweetness. Since debuting in September at our flagship cafe in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, our rich, chewy Matcha cookies have been an instant hit. Made with our stone milled Hukuju Matcha, these buttery cookies are full of heady Matcha aromatics and plenty of deep, rich flavor.


Matcha Butter Cookie Set: 5 Matcha butter cookies in a decorative gift box.

Matcha Chocolate Chip Cookie Set: 5 Matcha chocolate chip cookies in a decorative gift box.

The cookies are baked weekly. Orders may take several days to be fulfilled if we have not recieved the weekly shipment at the time of order.

We have a limited amount available each week for in store purchases. 

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What makes kettl unique?

connection to the source

All of our products are sourced from producers we know and trust.

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how is our tea so fresh?

aromatics. flavor. nutrients.

We purchase tea from our producers weekly and pack into oxygen free packaging at our Fukuoka office. Teas are then air shipped guaranteeing intense aromatics, rich flavor and a higher density of nutrients.