2022 Grand Prize Gyokuro 5g - Shinki Yamashita, Kyotanabe, Uji

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We are honored to present the finest Gyokuro of 2022. Grown by Shinki Yamashita of Kyotanabe, Uji - this 100% Saemidori Gyokuro took top honors in Japan's nationwide tea competition from a selection of 110 teas.
This is the only second time in 24 years that Uji has bested Yame and come out on top. Ironically, it is largely due to the fact that in addition to Uji's prowess for garden management and strict development of the tea garden, it has been studying more closely Yame's famed leaf processing methods - and it has seemed to work.

This Gyokuro is a remarkable achievement as it exudes the classic rich, unctuous umami one wold expect with a piercing freshness of the fresh just picked leaf. This is due to the fact that the tea undergoes minimal post processing and achieves the bulk of its sweetness unassisted by hiire firing meaning a naturally fragrant steep. In short, this tea brings a very different experience than the last several years of winners from Yame who do derive fragrance and balanced sweetness from post firing.

5g - 1 serving