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Uji Hikari Gyokuro | 宇治ひかり玉露

Packaging Size: 50g Bag

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About Uji Hikari Gyokuro | 宇治ひかり玉露

Description: A wonderful example of tea produced by the farmer. This handcrafted, 100% Uji Hikari Gyokuro hails from the gardens of Mr. Uemura - a well regarded Tencha specialist. He only produced 3.2kg of Gyokuro this year and we are honored to get the entire lot. We are releasing the first batch unrested. What does that mean? Typically, Gyokuro in the Kyoto (Uji) area is harvested, processed and then undergoes Jukusei, a maturing period. During Jukusei the tea is rested in cold storage and develops a richer profile and gives the tea time to settle. We wanted to release a fresh "Shincha" version of this Gyokuro to allow you to experience the freshness and vigor of brand new, 2020 Gyokuro.

What is so special about this tea? Uji Hikari is one of the most sought after cultivars in Uji. Uji Hikari is famously rich and delicious but also famously hard to grow. Sensitive to temperature and demanding in the type of soil it needs, producing delicious Uji Hikari is no easy feat. We are so honored to be able to share this best in class farmer made Gyokuro. The fresh aroma of the un-aged Summer release is special and no common to come across. Enjoy!

Recommended for: Lovers of Senchas fragrance and Gyokuros body

Notes on Production

Single Grower | Single Producer | Single Cultivar

True 100% farmer made Gyokuro

Cultivars: Uji Hikari

Tasting Notes

Citrus | Elegance | Refined Power


Uji, Japan

Brewing Instructions

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My birthday celebration tea.

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