Heianko Incense

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A a unique square, thick incense stick with a traeditional and powerful scent. Blended from sandalwood and select fragrances. 

This is incense is commonly used for he Senchado - a sencha based tea ceremony.

Crafted by Koundo:

"Koundo founded in Edo Nihonbashi Honmachi (Tokyo) in 1848. Made with only natural fragrances maintaining unchanging quality with the principle of carefully selected quality transmitted from ancient times We continue to create beautiful Japanese fragrances."

■Number of pieces: approx. 65 pieces
■Weight: approx. 22g
■Product dimensions: Length: approx. 14cm Thickness: 2.5mm
■Color: Green
■Burning time: Approx. 25-30 minutes
■Box dimensions: Width (width) 3.7cm x depth (vertical) 16.5cm x height 2.6cm

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