Jinkoh Juzan (60 sticks)
Jinkoh Juzan (60 sticks)
Jinkoh Juzan (60 sticks)
Jinkoh Juzan (60 sticks)

Jinkoh Juzan (60 sticks)

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A highly valued scented wood, Jinkoh "Aloeswood" is used to make this premium incense.

To this timelessly spellbinding fragrance, Jinkoh Juzan adds generous amounts of Sandalwood and natural herbal scents, creating a brisk and deeply resonant aroma rich in nature's bounty.

The young Agarwood tree, from whichi Jinko Juzan is derived,  does not have any fragrance. As the tree ages, interaction with bacteria begins to produce an aromatic resin.
With time, it ages to a very rich, dark resin with a distinctive and lovely fragrance.

As the incense is lit, a refined, subtle, and profound fragrance rises.
Enjoy a fulfilled moment and relax in the deep fragrance of Jinkoh.

60 sticks. Manufactured by Nippon Kodo.

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