Gokou Gyokuro | 玉露

Gokou Gyokuro | 玉露

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Description: A wonderful example of tea produced by the farmer. This handcrafted, 100% Goko Gyokuro hails from the gardens of the Uemura family - a well regarded Tencha specialist. With a very small ouput this year and we are honored to get the entire lot. We are releasing this batch after 10 months of resting. What does that mean? Typically, Gyokuro in the Kyoto (Uji) area is harvested, processed and then undergoes Jukusei, a maturing period. During Jukusei the tea is rested in cold storage and develops a richer profile and gives the tea time to settle.
What is so special about this tea? Gokou is a unique cultivar in Uji in regards to Gyokuro. When used for Tencha it is rich and delicious but also famously hard to grow. Sensitive to temperature and demanding in the type of soil it needs, producing delicious Gokou is no easy feat. We are so honored to be able to share this best in class farmer made Gyokuro

Recommended for: Lovers or both Sencha and Gyokuro

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