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Soukou Matcha | 爽香

Packaging Size: 20g Tin

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About Soukou Matcha | 爽香抹茶

Description: Our gentlest offering to date and a true representation of the very best of Yame matcha, Soukou is fresh and velvety with a soft finish. We love this matcha green tea not only because it's an astounding value, but because it offers a wonderful glimpse of the charm of Fukuoka matcha: Nutty and velvety with a fragrant finish.

What is so special about this tea? Soukou matcha tea is a key addition to our catalog as it represents and wonderful value while remaining first flush, stone milled matcha. Most matcha at this price point come from a later harvest and may undergo jet milling as opposed to the gentle stone milling which retains more flavor and aroma. We proud to put this matcha up against any in the marketplace - and even more proud to be able to offer it for under $20. Our outstanding partnerships and unsatiable drive to bring you the best results in a matcha we want to drink again and again.

Recommended for: We love this matcha straight or blended with oat milk for a matcha latte. Prepared traditionally, Soukou is fragrant and light on the palate. As a latte, the color and flavor cut through milk quite well and the tea retains its radiance even in milk.

Notes on Production


Multi Grower | Single Producer | Multi Cultivar

A blend from throughout Yame, Soukou is shaded for 20+ days and stone milled

Cultivars: Yabukita, Okumidori, Tsuyu Hikari

Tasting Notes

Fresh Cut Grass | Toasted Peanut | White Flower


Fukuoka, Japan

Brewing Instructions

Customer Reviews

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Amazing value and very good taste
Love this matcha
Very good!
Amazing, high quality matcha

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