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Yamakai Sencha | 山峡煎茶

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About Yamakai Sencha | やまかい

Description: This remarkable high mountain sencha from Shizuoka is grown at altitude on the steep slopes just south of mount fuji. Our Yamakai sencha is 100% hand picked and made from a single cultivar: the Yamakai varietal. Yamakai is grown in one of the most esteemed sencha growing regions of Shizuoka. Excellent terroir, a charismatic cultivar, and peerless skill in production make for a one of a kind sencha.

What is so special about this tea? Unblended, single cultivar Sencha is an incredible way to taste the depth and breadth of tea. The majority of Japan's Sencha is blended with multiple cultivars to create consistent, delicious teas - but much of the unique imprint of each individual cultivar is lost. Drinking Yamakai is a wonderful way to experience the power and fragrance of the Yamakai plant. Yamakai is a breed of plant created in the 1960's and is a descendant of the famous Yabukita cultivar. The dominant characteristics of Yamakai shine in our offering: a refined minerality, slightly spicy aroma, and a restrained but wonderful umami. Tea like this will never be manufactured for large commercial sale - and while we only get a small allotment each year, we cherish the opportunity to share this wonderful tea with you.

Recommended for: A very expressive, somewhat tricky to brew sencha.  

Notes on Production


Single Grower | Single Producer | Single Cultivar

A unique light steamed sencha from the mountains of Shizuoka

Cultivars: Yamakai

Tasting Notes

Highly aromatic | Peppery / Mountain herbs | Refined mouthfeel


Shizuoka, Japan

Brewing Instructions

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Customer Reviews

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Yamakai Sencha | 山峡煎茶

Crispy Yamakai

When I first smelled this tea, its fragrance struck me with an aromatic profile that was quite surprising/unique. The mountain herb notes are true to this tea, you can almost imagine yourself on the slopes of Shizuoka, breathing in the crisp air. Also, due to the excellent handpicking, the leaves are a pretty sight. Expect an exceptionally fresh sencha that's smooth, peppery, as well as highly refreshing (and don't forget herbaceous, of course).

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