Kyusu Tea Pot - Yoshiyuki Shimizu

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A set of gorgeous Kyusus from our friend and master potter, Yoshiyuki Shimizu, of Dosenbo - just south of Kyoto. These Kyusus were wood fired in late 2022 in the climbing Kiln of Shimizu san. Incredibly balanced, this medium sized tea pot holds a perfect 300ml (each piece may differ slightly). Its pumpkin shape is particuraly endearing, but the truth is in the details - the handle length is pefect, the spout pours clear and strong, and the built in strainer works wonderful even with medium steamed teas like Sencha. This tea pot is unglazed and will patina over time.

Capacity - roughly 300ml | 10.1 oz

Please note, each piece will be slightly different as they are hand thrown and wood fired. This is the charm and beauty of these works.

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