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Asa No Yume Tamaryokucha | 朝の夢玉緑茶

Packaging Size: 50g Bag

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About Asa No Yume Tamaryokucha | 朝の夢玉緑茶

Description: This Asatsuyu varietal Tamaryokucha is a curled leaf, steamed green tea hailing from Nagasaki prefecture. Expect beautiful aromatics, refreshing and focused flavor on the palate, and a lasting buttery sweetness. Asa No Yume is one of our richest teas and brews up with an electric green color..

What is so special about this tea? Just a short drive from the famous tea growing region of Ureshino in Saga prefecture lies the area of Higashi Sonogi in northern Nagasaki prefecture. Higashi Sonogi lies just inland from the Omura bay - just close enough to catch from of the cool breeze of the water. Nagasaki is warm and the cultivars grown here are the classics you'd expect in this region - but bucking the trend, Asa No Yume is made from 100% Asatsuyu cultivar leaves. Asatsuyu is the parent cultivatar of Saemidori (it was crossed with Yabukita) - the reason being it is notoriously difficult to grow. Nagasaki has lower frost risk than many other others - in part due to the ocean breeze - and the soil and hours of sunlight make Asatsuyu a better candidate for the area. And we are thrilled. Asatsuyu provides a clear, sweet brew with an astonishing color in the cup. A neon shade of deep green that is hard to describe. This particular product was the recipient of the 2014 Platinum prize at Japan's national Nihoncha Awards. If you love teas with deep umami, this is the one for you. And with its incredible fragrance and low astringency, every cup of this turns our great.

Recommended for: Sencha enthusiasts looking for a rich, sweet tea


Notes on Production


Single Grower | Single Producer | Single Cultivar

Single Cultivar Tamaryokucha

Cultivars: Asatsuyu

Tasting Notes

Intense Aromatics | Artichoke Heart | Toasted Cashew



Nagasaki, Japan

Brewing Instructions

Customer Reviews

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Asa No Yume Tamaryokucha | 朝の夢玉緑茶

Asa No Yume Tamaryokucha | 朝の夢玉緑茶.

The tea is said to be verdant and buttery and that is no hyperbole. Very smooth but warm on the palate like warm buttered bread. For a green tea on a chill winter afternoon, look no further. Each steep maintained a similar warm umami-ness unlike other green teas. Definitely recommend for something different, will definitely look for more in the future.


Asa No Yume Tamaryokucha | 朝の夢玉緑茶

Wonderfully balanced tea

Simply fantastic. Very smooth with little to no astringency and a touch of sweetness.


Really a great tea. I have been drinking tea for years and have purchased many teas. I feel that this is a special tea that elevates your mood and refreshes your body and mind .

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