Micro Oxidized Kamairicha

Singular | Flowers, chocolate

Iruma, Saitama

Micro-oxidized Kamairicha

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A stunning limited release from the genius Yoshiaki Hiruma. This tea underwent a controlled wilting process before being pan fired. The unique process imbues this tea with a rich, chocolaty note, a complex fruitiness, and an umami that just...keeps..going. Truly one of the most exquisite teas we have had the honor of sharing. 

25g | Super Limited

Type: Green Tea

Cultivar: Sayama Kaori

Production Area: Iruma, Saitama

Production Year: 2023

Producer: Hiruma Family

Always use fresh filtered water

Water: 180cc / 6 oz (185F)

Leaf Amount: 5-6g / 2 teaspoons

Brew Time: 1 minute

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HOW DO WE DESCRIBE micro oxidized kamairicha?


A singularly unique tea masterminded by the legendary Yoshiaki Hiruma - a hugely influential producer crafting a catalog of teas all made from local Saitama cultivars.