2019 GRAND PRIZE ASAHI MATCHA 10G | 農林水産大臣賞抹茶

2019 GRAND PRIZE ASAHI MATCHA 10G | 農林水産大臣賞抹茶

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Deep down, all of us at Kettl realize selling Matcha with words like "best" or "greatest" is pointless and does very little to convince an educated consumer like yourself of the quality of our product. It is at best pointless and at worst predatory. But in very rare cases, we can step aside and allow someone else to speak for us. And in the case of this Matcha, We will let the government of Japan speak: This is the best in class Matcha of the 2019 season.

An achievement like this may happen once to the most committed producers, but every submission from Kiyoharu Tsuji has a high probability of coming out on top. And this Asahi is a testament to his commitment to excellence. A stunning, perfectly crafted tea that impresses in every category: color, texture, umami, sweetness and clarity. 

You can expect a Gyokuro like umami that unfolds into a fresh, clear sweetness and a fragrance that can only be achieved by near perfect growing conditions, harvesting in the right window of time, and peerless understanding of the nuances of the tea factory. Each element comes together in perfect harmony. 

This Tencha was bought directly from Tsuji san who himself bought it back at auction. There are only 2kgs in the world: One with Mr. Tsuji and ours.


This Tencha will be stone milled in Brooklyn NY at the end of January and shipped within 24hrs. 

10g / 5 servings

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