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Hukuju Matcha |福寿抹茶

Packaging Sizes: 100g & 1kg

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About Hukuju Matcha | 福寿抹茶

Description: We had been searching for a matcha for blending that met our standards - and We were not satisfied with what we found. So for five years, we didn't carry one. Hukuju has changed everything. Simply put, this is the highest grade matcha meant for blending with milk that we have come across. You'll notice the color immediately. A deep green hue with a silky texture and a piercing freshness on the nose. We love how the mild nuttiness of the tea blends with milk, nut milks, and our favorite - oat milk. Hukuju represents the best in class - and an incredible value as well.

What is so special about this tea? We use this luxurious matcha in our Matcha Chocolate and for all of our blending needs at our soon to open cafe. Most matcha for blending represents the bottom of the ladder in terms of quality and is more of an afterthought - not something someone thought deeply about. With Hukuju, the producer strove to create something truly special with the price that means it can be enjoyed daily - or multiple times a day.

Recommended for: The perfect matcha latte.

Notes on Production

Multi Grower | Single Producer | Multi Cultivar

A special matcha designed for milk

Cultivars: Mixed

Tasting Notes

Toasty | Rich | Cuts through milk


Fukuoka, Japan

Brewing Instructions

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