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Ten Matcha | 天

Packaging Size: 20gr Tin

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About Ten Matcha | 天

Ten is a pinnacle grade blend of cultivars from Uji City and Ogura in Uji that occupies a special place in our catalog as it is our most refined and sophisticated Koicha, a matcha meant for thick preparation. Ten also shines when prepared as traditional Ushucha. A very traditional tea, this matcha is a masterpiece combining peerless cultivation, processing, and blending. Made from primarily the Asahi cultivar with a small percentage of Uji Hikari, Ten delivers a deep, lingering umami with a wonderful high toned freshness. As Koicha, or thick tea, the expression of Ten shines bright - layer after layer of richness with a lingering umami finish.

Ten owes its power and grace to not only the farmers who grew the leaf, but the Chashi - or tea blender who adjusts the ratios of each cultivar to create the singular blend. In the case of Ten, an 11th generation Chashi crafted the matcha with the Urasenke Tea School in mind - a matcha that is the height of refinement while still embodying a type of primordial power especially in the aroma - a nod to the past when matcha was slightly oxidized and exotically fragrant.  

Recommended for: Matcha enthusiasts who are eager to try pinnacle grade, multi cultivar Uji matcha made in a classic style. This is a richer matcha with plenty of umami, a deep emerald color, and a truly unique aroma. Chado students looking for an especially high grade of Koicha should consider Ten as well.


Notes on Production


Single Grower | Single Producer | Multi Cultivar

22 Day Honzu Straw Shading, Hand Picked, Stone Milled

Cultivars: Asahi, Uji Hikari

Tasting Notes

Tomato Vine | Umami Tang | Meringue


Uji, Japan

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