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Uchu Matcha | 宇宙

Packaging Size: 20g Tin

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About Uchu Matcha | 宇宙

Description: A round, creamy matcha from Uji City - Uchu exudes an intoxicatingly herbaceous aroma with a refined, milky sweetness on the palate and a sophisticated, mildly astringent finish. This is our most "classic" matcha tea embodying all the hallmarks of old school Uji matcha: fragrance, finesse and power. Made with slightly cooler water, Uchu strikes a beautifully floral chord - with a mild fruitiness.

What is so special about this tea? This classic matcha green tea is fruit born from the labor of four individuals - three farmers and one master tea blender (chashi). The synergy is remarkable and makes for a matcha tea we drink regularly because it is just so balanced. Uji still provides a singlular macha experience you can get nowhere else and Uchu matcha tea does a wonderful job of encapsulating that Uji magic. In terms of fragrance, Uchu provides a remarkable experience - fruity, creamy with notes of tomato and flowers. Just remarkable.

Recommended for: A refined matcha for everyday use. We suggest making Shinme according to the traditional method outlined below.

Notes on Production

Single Grower | Single Producer | Multi Cultivar

A koicha grade blend from Uji City. Shaded 20 + days and gently stone milled.

Cultivars: Samidori, Uji Hikari, Asahi

Tasting Notes

Cacao | Buttered Corn | Hazelnut


Uji, Japan

Brewing Instructions

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Customer Reviews

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My Go-to

A brilliantly balanced Uji matcha.

Wonderfully creamy and sweet

This was a lovely morning treat, a sweet rich matcha perfectly complimenting the tartness of fresh raspberries. A good value as well, as the creamy texture, rich finish and sweetness rivals that of more expensive matcha's.

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