Zairai Heirloom Hand Roasted Houjicha

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This exciting houjicha is hand roasted by master potter Yoshiyuki Shimizu at his studio in Dosenbo on the border of Uji and Nara in western Japan. This tea is made from the non clonal Zairai strain. Grown from seed, Zairai contains a variety of genetic material meaning batch to batch variance is common which makes for an exciting and rewarding brew. Incredibly aromatic with a powerful mouthfeel, this Houjicha represents something brand new in our catalog. An artisan and hand crafted tea of the highest order.


Spice / Balanced Savory Tang / Roasted Barley

Type: Roasted Green Tea
Producer: Yoshiyuki Shimizu
Production Area: Dosenbo, Uji
Cultivar: Non-clonal Zairai
Production Year: 2023
Packaging: 100g, Oxygen Free

Always use fresh filtered water

Water: 150cc / 6 oz (190F)
Leaf Amount: 4-5g / 1.5 teaspoons
Brew Time: 1 minute

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