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Producer Set #2: Ureshino | 嬉野

Packaging Size: 50g Bag x 3 (150g)

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About Ureshino Producer Set | 嬉野

Set Includes:

50g Saemidori Tamaryokucha | 50g Okumusashi Kamairicha | 50g Fujikaori Kamaircha

Description: Grown, harvested, and processed without synthetic fertilizer or pesticides, this collection of naturally produced teas is a celebration of the unique portfolio crafted by Mr. Oota of Ureshino in Saga Prefecture. Eskewing more traditional methods and tastes, Oota san crafts his teas with a number of his own methods: He uses sugar as a pest deterrent. He sprays the sugar precisely where he wants to the pests to go - they enjoy the sugar, and ignore the tea leaves. He uses large unpruned tea bushes as a wall that surrounds his fields. These bushes act as a defense again any unwanted fertilizer or pesticides that could be blown by the wind from another farmers field. He is fully committed to the two famous production methods of Ureshino: Tamaryokucha and Kamairicha. Tamaryokucha is steamed like traditional Sencha but does not under go a final rolling process - this accounts for its slightly curly, comma shaped form. Kamaircha is a unique tea in the canon of Japanese tea as it is pan fired instead of being steamed. This tea is closer in style to how Chinese green tea is produced as it was in Saga where tea was first introduced to Japan. This traditional lives on. Oota san is also commited fully to unique cultivars and unblended tea. We celebrate his point if view. And while his output is low, the quality and unique nature of his teas make them some of our absolute favorites. This is truly a unique collection

What is so special about this tea? This collection comes from the most notable area if tea production in western Kyushu, Ureshino in Saga Prefecture. This area is one of the oldest areas of tea production in Japan due to its proximity to the trading ports of Nagasaki. Tea first landed on the shores of Japan from China - and the first gardens were established in and around Fukuoka and Saga prefectures. While quite small in terms of annual output, Ureshino still produces notable teas such as Tamaryokucha and Kamairicha. The producer of this tea is award winning and celebrated by his peers for his commitment to traditional methods and not cutting corners. Due to that fact, his output is quite small and we are always happy to carry a limited amount of his incredible tea.

Recommended for: Those who want to explore a collection that showcases terroir, cultivar and production methodology.

Notes on Production


Single Grower | Single Producer | Single Cultivar

Cultivars: Saemidori | Okumusashi | Fujikaori

Tasting Notes

Hops | Chocolate | Concord Grape


Saga, Japan

Brewing Instructions

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