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Zairai Gold Shincha | ざいらいゴールド

Packaging Size: 100g Bag

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About Zairai Gold Shincha | ざいらいゴールド

Description: An exciting new tea to our lineup. Zairai refers to tea grown from native tea seeds and not developed by cross
breeding. Zairai Gold has a genetic mutation that limits Chlorophyll which in turns limits the the transfer of Theanine into Catechin. Long story short, Zairai Gold is rich in umami and sweetness with a fascinating Husk Cherry aroma. Truly, tea to fall in love with.

 Recommended for: Lovers of the richer style of Kyushu style senchas - our Tsutsuji and Ayame Kabuse for example - will adore this tea.


Notes on Production


Single Grower | Single Producer | Native Seed

Grown full sun - Spring harvest

Cultivars: Zairai

Tasting Notes

Husk Cherry | Sweet Corn | Meringue


Fukuoka, Japan

Brewing Instructions

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