Brutal Series Tray No. 1 - Tatsuya Kimura

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This incredibly unique tray is unabashedly raw - made from hand dug clay - the ash glaze is the product of employing a fire pit for firing. Rustic with a intense texture, this piece is a celebration of the fearless and wild nature of potter Tatsuya Kimura. His passion for exploring the world of Japanese soil in combination with his freewheeling technique makes for a body of work unlike any other we have had. Unapologetically brutal!

This tray has a statement piece for sure - but also provides an unique back drop for some Kimura san's smaller yunomi. The intergration of using his other wood fired pieces in conjunction with this tray makes for a memrable tea service.

Kimura san's pieces are celebrated for their unique raw quality and clear imperfections. If you have any questions about this piece, please inquire before purchasing.

12" L x 5" w

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