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The teas that don't leave Japan. Now Shipping from Japan.

A monthly curated collection hand picked by Kettl founder, Zach Mangan. Air shipped from Japan to your door step.


Japan's finest producers. The most discerning selections. The ultimate Japanese Tea Experience.

How Does It Work?

Being based in Japan means Kettl discovers new teas weekly. Often, these teas are only available in small amounts making them difficult to offer on our site. We created our discovery set as a forum to share these special small lot artisan teas.

Why Kettl Tea? Because Their Tea Is Our Tea.

We have been based in Japan for over a decade allowing us to develop long term relationships with Japan's premiere tea makers.

Our selections are guided and informed by the tea makers themselves - not middlemen. Every purchase is a conversation and a chance to learn.

Having both access and a discerning palate are the keys to sourcing great teas. At Kettl we are proud to have both. In spades.

Three Teas.
All One Of A Kind.

The discovery set is a subscription to the deep world of Japan. Each month Zach will select an assortment of teas from across Japan. Whether they're classics or left of center gems, you can expect pinnacle grade quality. Every month.

First Class. Direct From Japan.

Each tea is hand packed in oxygen free packaging at our Fukuoka office and air shipped direct. Shipping is always free.

Tea. Conversation. Culture.

Members will have access to a monthly online Q&A with Zach. He will share sourcing stories, provide brewing tips, and answer questions.

Winter 2021 Selection Preview

Hand Picked Uji Hikari Tencha Ujitawara

Oxidized Hana Houjicha Fukuoka

Bug Bitten Black Tea         Saitama

Box 1.
Capped at 25.

We are excited to welcome the first 25 guests to join box 1. We hope to offer more spots as they become available. To secure your spot, follow the link below.

It is my honor and privilege to share these incredible selections with you. I look forward delving deep into the world of Japanese tea right along side all of you.