2022 Raku Matcha Gift Set

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We are excited to welcome our new hand crafted  Raku Kettl Matcha set. Each piece in this set was carefully considered and included ensuring a perfect Matcha making experience. The Chawan tea bowl is a true raku fired piece from Kyoto. The bowl has high sides and provides ample room for whisking. The organic shape of the bowl fits perfectly in your hands . The set comes with a stunning Kuro chasen whisk hand crafted in Nara, a strainer, Chashaku tea scoop, a whisk stand (not pictured) and 20g of Hibiki Matcha. This is the perfect set for those starting out or a seasoned Matcha drinker alike.

This set is packaged in a matte black gift box. 

1 x Raku Fired Tea Bowl (Black)

1 x Kurodake Chasen

1 x Wooden whisk stand (not pictured)

1 x Chashaku Matcha Scoop

1 x Matcha Strainer

1 x 20g tin Shinme Matcha

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