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Fall Shincha | 秋新茶

Packaging Size: 100g Bag

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About Fall Shincha | 秋新茶

Description: A tea we look forward to every year. This spring picked sencha undergoes a 6 month refrigerated aging known as Jukusei. What does that do? Much like ageing meat or fish, amino acids in the tea develop while the catechin and fragrant compounds have time to mellow and integrate. What does that taste like? All the high end heady aromas of Shincha with a laser focused umami, lasting sweetness and just the right amount of nuttiness - heaven I guess?

What is so special about this tea? A unique tea with a unique process. The Jukusei method is quite popular in Uji - for Tencha and Gyokuro - but much less so in the Kyushu area. An adventurous producer tried it a few years ago with wonderful results. We find it strikes a great balance and has an other worldly aroma and lingering sweetness. If you love our Miyabi and Tsutsuji, you are definitely going to love this tea as well

Recommended for: All day drinking

Notes on Production


Single Grower | Single Producer | Multi Cultivar

A cold stored 6 month aged Shincha

Cultivars: Saemidori, Tsuyuhikari, Yabukita

Tasting Notes

Intense Aroma | Sweetness | Buttery bottom end


Fukuoka, Japan

Brewing Instructions

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews

Really great! Has an intoxicating aroma, and a ton of umami compared to other senchas. The body is rich and buttery. Tastes of asparagus.

Tasty fall tea

Tasty shincha with a medium green liquor, nice astringency, and nutty flavor and good body for a fall tea. Tons of umami on this one.

My autumnal favorite

The description here is accurate. The Fall Sencha is very balanced with a welcomed nuttiness. It seems the refrigerated aging really does integrate the flavor notes. I wish it wasn’t sold out, or I’d buy more.

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