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Japanese Tea Tasting Class


Education around tea is a core principal of Kettl's ethos. We truly believe that human beings have a deep desire for exploration and a sense of wonder that makes discovering the beauty of tea a stimulating, joyful and rewarding experience. With that, We are proud to offer the beginner a place to start, the enthusiast a place to gain more experience and knowledge, and the expert a place to ask questions and get hands on experience that lies beyond the scoop of internet search engines. Most of all, these classes are a simple gathering to celebrate the beautiful simplicity that is Japanese tea.

Join us at our tea shop for a one of our bespoke personal tea classes. These classes are a great chance to discover the stories of the farmers we work with, taste their teas, and spend time learning techniques to prepare the tea at home. Each course is unique and includes printed materials, tastings of several teas, a small sweet and 15% of select teas purchased in store.

Choose from:

Teas of Japan: an overview of classic styles of teas enjoyed throughout Japan covering several origins and methods of brewing. A great place to start or to refresh your knowledge base.

Matcha Intensive: an in depth class focused on matcha production styles from three prefectures: Kyoto (Uji), Fukuoka (Yame) and Aichi (Nishio). Learn how the leaves of tencha are grown, manufactured and milled and leave learning how to whisk a beautiful bowl of tea.


Sencha Intensive: An in depth class focused on Japan's most widespread and versatile tea: Sencha. We will taste several teas from multiple growing areas in Japan utilizing unique methods of manufacture as well several single cultivar senchas as well. 


PLEASE NOTE ALL CLASSES WILL TAKE PLACE AT OUR BROOKLYN NY SHOP. Classes will be scheduled after purchase and some days/nights may not be available - please understand some flexibility is necessary. 

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