Kettl Loose Tea Gift Set
Kettl Loose Tea Gift Set
Kettl Loose Tea Gift Set
Kettl Loose Tea Gift Set
Kettl Loose Tea Gift Set
Kettl Loose Tea Gift Set
Kettl Loose Tea Gift Set
Kettl Loose Tea Gift Set

Kettl Loose Tea Gift Set

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Variant Morning and Night Set

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Our loose tea gift sets are the perfect choice for those just getting into brewing their own tea and for aficionados alike. Each gift set comes with a selection of two teas and an included gift card all wrapped in a decorative gift box.

Morning & Night: This set includes two teas to start and end your day. 100g of our aromatic and energizing Kukicha Sencha and 100g of our relaxing, comforting and caffeine free Nagano Soba Cha. Give the gift of a perfect day from start to finish with our Morning & Night Set.

Everyday Greens: This set includes 100g of Kukicha No. 1 our decadent every Sencha and 100g of Uji Genmaimatcha, one of our top sellers. This set is a great starting point for exploring the world of Japanese green tea and offers plenty of tea - enough to brew a pot everyday for a month and a half.

Premium Tea Time: This set includes 100g of Miyabi Sencha, our #1 selling green tea, and 50g of Yame Black - a hearty breakfast style black tea. While both teas hail from Fukuoka, they showcase what is so interesting about Japanese tea: its seemingly endless variety. This is perfectly suited for the novice or advanced tea drinker.

Premum Greens: This set includes 100g of Chiran Sencha, a deeply verdant and sweet Sencha from Kagoshima, and 50g of Yabukita Kabuse - our most refined Shizuoka Sencha which undergoes 10 days of shading before being hand harvested. These two greens show case the very best of Sencha and would impress even the most seasoned tea drinker. A gift of the best to be sure.

Please include a gift note in the "notes" section at checkout and we will gladly handwrite your message on one of our printed cards and include in the set. All sets with a packing slip only, no printed reciept.

All gift sets include UPS shipping.

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connection to the source

All of our products are sourced from producers we know and trust.

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how is our tea so fresh?

aromatics. flavor. nutrients.

We purchase tea from our producers weekly and pack into oxygen free packaging at our Fukuoka office. Teas are then air shipped guaranteeing intense aromatics, rich flavor and a higher density of nutrients.