2022 Kettl Loose Tea Gift Set

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Variant Kettl Trio

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Our loose tea gift sets are the perfect choice for those just getting into brewing their own tea and for aficionados alike. Each gift set comes with a selection of two teas and an included gift card all wrapped in a decorative gift box.

1. Kettl Trio - includes a 100g bag of three of our most popular teas - Kukicha Sencha, Genmaimatcha and Soba cha (buckwheat).

Kukicha Sencha - A rich and umami forward Sencha made from stems and leaves from one of our favorite producers in Yame.
Genmaimatcha - Select sencha is blended with roasted brown rice and rolled in Matcha powder for a nutty, fragrant and deeply green cup.
Soba Cha - an addictive caffeine free tea. Notes of baked grain, toasted nuts and a naturally sweet finish. Great for after dinner.

2. Yumewakaba Duo - this is a fun cultivar study as it contains two teas made with the same raw material but processed differently - one into green tea, and one into black. From one of the genius producers of our time, Mr. Yoshiaki Hiruma of Sayama in Saitama prefecture.

Yumewakaba Sencha - a grassy deeper steamed sencha with notable fruity, floral overtones. A classic example of Sayama tea.
Yumewakaba Black - hands down our favorite Japanese black tea. Notes of honey, cacao and savory pumpkin. Delicious.

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