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Kirari 31 Sencha | きらり31

Packaging Size: 50g Bag

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About Kirari 31 Sencha | きらり31

Description: A fascinating single cultivar Sencha from the heart of Uji. Kirari 31 is a cultivar native to Miyazaki Prefecture and has a reputation for its beautiful green color and natural sweetness. This Sencha is an outlier in Uji and was made from tea bushes only three years old. A charming Sencha that emphasizes freshness and highlights a new direction in Uji tea. As a lover of both the new and the traditional, Kirari 31 satisfies. We love its almost milky texture while providing the piercing grassy perfume of the lighter steamed Sencha Uji is so celebrated for.

What is so special about this tea? True "Uji Cha" - tea made in Uji - can actually be hard to find. Law allows up to 40% of teas labeled "Uji Cha" to be blended with teas from the surrounding prefectures of Uji. While this increases the market and can be good for producers, it diminishes the the true characters of the area. This is 100% grown in Uji. In fact, it is from a single garden. This showcases the true perfume of Uji tea.

Recommended for: Uji tea lovers and those wanting a unique Sencha.

Notes on Production

Single Grower | Single Producer | Single Cultivar

A forward thinking, traditonal produced tea

Cultivars: Kirari 31

Tasting Notes

Milky | Fresh | Slightly Fruity


Uji, Japan

Brewing Instructions

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