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Kirishima Tokujou Sencha | 霧島特上煎茶

Packaging Size: 100g

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About Kirishima Tokujou Sencha | 霧島特上煎茶

Description: Simply the most refined Sencha we have come across. A beautiful representation of Kagoshima - specifically Kirishima. Rich, unctuous body meets the unrivaled depth of fragrance that only heritage plants can produce. A stunning achievement. This Sencha was made from heritage plants - bushes that have a longer history and come from select cuttings. The stunning sweetness of this tea is a testament to careful growing, production and blending. This tea is limited in supply.

What is so special about this tea? Kagoshima will soon overtake Shizuoka as the largest producer of tea in Japan by prefectural output. The majority of this tea comes from the Chiran area - slightly south of Kirishima. Kirishima is lesser-known - especially outside of Japan. Known for producing high-grade Sencha and Kabuse, Kirishima is a spot you should definitely know about. We love what this tea maker is doing - coaxing out incredible flavors while still offering a wonderful value.

Recommended for: Our most refined Kagoshima Sencha

Notes on Production


Single Grower | Single Producer | Multi Cultivar

An exceptionally fragranced and sweet Sencha

Cultivars: Blend

Tasting Notes

Fresh | Tropical | Refined Umami


Kagoshima, Japan

Brewing Instructions

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
One of my favs

This tea is really really good. Sometimes I get the fruit notes mentioned but sometimes I get a more buttery note. It’s pretty complex and enjoyable, even after the first steep.

Incredible body and umami

I'm always on the hunt for a tea with high points of sweetness and umami. This refined Shincha ticked all the right notes and then some. There is a strength of character with high refinement. A most excellent tea with very low astringency. I've made notes on the pouch to put this tea on the "buy again" list. Thank you, Kettl, for making this tea available.

Deeply Elegant

Just like they say; this is one refined Shincha. Nothing bright or brassy but a deeply satisfying flavour with a stately development that lingers long. An aristocrat of shinchas.

Umami with a sweeter side

this tea is on the sweeter side with lots of umami…even on the second brew.


This shincha, surprised me with its body. Shincha, being the first harvest, young tea, is often very flavorful, exciting, and refreshing, and without depth of sustained ‘flavor adventure’. Nonetheless satisfying! This tea tastes ‘wiser’ and experienced, and still maintains a youthful vitality. Absolutely my latest favorite! 5 stars of 5.

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