Mill Club Archive: Gokasho Asahi | 20g

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Packaging: 20g canister

This is an archive Matcha from our Mill Club Program. We house mill this to order in Brooklyn on our tradtional stone mill and ship shortly after to ensure peak freshness.

A remarkable Matcha made from 100% Asahi cultivar. Grown on the banks of the Uji river, this Matcha undergoes meticulous shading and had harvesting before being processed. A unique confluence of soil compostion, proximity to the Uji river and colod storage imbues this tea with a taste of the sea. A high toned almost funky nose of rich kombu and sea brine make for an unforgettable experience. The Furukawa name is synonymous with quality and personality - and this tea has equal measure of both.

Tasting Notes: Kombu / Unctuous / Refined umami

Tea Origin: Uji, Japan

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