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Ogura Gyokuro | おぐら玉露

Packaging Size: 100g Bag

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About Ogura Gyokuro | おぐら玉露

Description: This Gyokuro was made from a house blend of cultivars grown from throughout Uji - Kyotanabe, Shirakawa, and Uji City. The intense richness is balanced by the lovely and unmistakable “Kabuse Ka” - the aroma of true shaded tea. This is true shaded Gyokuro, not Kabuse. If you are new to Gyokuro and looking to explore without dropping a ton of money, this is a wonderful option.

What is so special about this tea? Nothing makes us more excited than discovering a wonderful new addition to our catalog. Well, maybe finding an incredible value is equally exciting. And with Ogura Gyokuro, We were lucky to find both. This authentically produced, fully shaded Gyokuro paints a beautiful portrait of the beauty of Uji Gyokuro. Ogura is an old school multi cultivar Gyokuro that has a wonderful shaded aroma with balanced umami. This tea was not aggressively fertilized and therefore doesn't bring the protein like umami of some Gyokuro - You can taste the freshness of the tea and appreciate its gentle floral aroma. We love the somewhat wild nature of this tea and how expressive it is.

Recommended for: A wonderful entry point for those beginning to explore Gyokuro or for a more affordable everyday treat

Notes on Production


Multi Grower | Single Producer | Multi Cultivar

A wonderful entry point Gyokuro

Cultivars: Mixed

Tasting Notes

Marine | Kombu | Ambrosial


Uji, Japan

Brewing Instructions

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