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Producer Set #3: Sayama Collection | 狭山

Packaging Size: 100g Bag x 3 (300g)

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About Producer Set #3: Sayama Collection | 狭山

Set Includes:

100g Hokumei Shincha | 100g Fukumidori Sencha | 100g Yumewakabe Shincha

Description: A set of three unique single cultivar Sencha from a singular personality and Saitama legend - Mr. Yoshiaki Hiruma. While Sayama in Saitama Prefecture doesn't make as much tea as other regions in Japan, it makes up for it by boasting a vast selection of unique Cultivars developed in this small area. Saitama is located to the west and north of Tokyo and experiences cold winters - the cultivars grown here are hearty and must withstand a higher probability of frost. Because of that, much of the tea made here is heavily finished undergoing deeper steaming and longer post firing (hiire). This unique collection from a true legend showcases a different approach. Hiruma san draws out the more unique floral aromas of his teas by a controlled oxidation process. Just after harvest he exposes the fresh leaf to ultraviolet light. This process releases an array of chemicals that creates intensely floral aromatics similar to oolong. This unique process coupled with Hiruma san's steadfast commitment to using only cultivars native to Saitama make this collection singular indeed. We are beyond excited to bring you some of the most exciting tea we have found to date.

What is so special about this tea? An incredibly unique colletion of tea tea made by an equally unique producer. The Sayama area lies within Saitama prefecture, just west of Tokyo. Hiruma san is best known for his radical micro-oxidizing technique.  

Recommended for: Those who want to explore a collection that showcases terroir, cultivar and production methodology. An almost hybrid Oolong / Sencha.

Notes on Production


Single Grower | Single Producer | Single Cultivar

three micro oxidized Sencha

Cultivars: Hokumei | Fukumidori | Yumewakaba

Tasting Notes

Rich | Fresh | Dried Flowers


Saitama, Japan

Brewing Instructions

Customer Reviews

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This producer set is very cool.

Love the curated experience offered by kettl to dive deeper in exploring tea from a producer that I discovered on a visit to their former brooklyn location.

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