Shinki Yamashita - 2022 Kansai #1 Gyokuro | 10g

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From the most famous name in Uji Gyokuro: Shinki Yamashita of Kyotanabe. This ultra rare release comes from his most prestigious and prize winning Shuppin (出品) Gyokuro bushes - this tea took the top prize in the 2022 Kansai tea fair. What makes this single kg lot different is it produced entirely within Yamashita san's own factory - and not farmed out to local tea manuyfacteres who specialize in finishing competition teas. This is not currently available anywhere else - including Japan. 

With almost two years of ageing, this Gyokuro has a sublime ambrosial aroma of traditional honzu shaded bushes with a soft sweetness and lingering, laser like umami. A stunning tea and a remarkable achievement - this is a once in a lifetime tea.

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