Tea Bag Gift Set
Tea Bag Gift Set
Tea Bag Gift Set
Tea Bag Gift Set

Tea Bag Gift Set

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A gift set with three of our most popular tea bags: Nagano Soba Cha, Sencha Jou, and Genmaimatcha gift wrapped in a boxed gift set.

Set Includes:

12 teabags of Nagano Soba Cha 

Our Soba Cha comes from Nagano Prefecture, more specifically the Togakushi region. Cool weather, access to fresh spring water, and optimal soil make Togakushi the central area for producing high grade soba.

12 teabags of Sencha Jou

Our Sencha Jou is spring picked and incredibly fragrant with a rare depth of flavor and vibrant green color.

12 teabags of Genmaimatcha

Select sencha is blended with matcha powder and roasted brown rice. Genmaimatcha is wholly satisfying with a toasted fragrance and lingering sweetness. 

12 5g bags per pack

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connection to the source

All of our products are sourced from producers we know and trust.

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how is our tea so fresh?

aromatics. flavor. nutrients.

We purchase tea from our producers weekly and pack into oxygen free packaging at our Fukuoka office. Teas are then air shipped guaranteeing intense aromatics, rich flavor and a higher density of nutrients.

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