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Tea Bag Set - Classic


We are proud to introduce our 2019 Tea Collections. Teas featured in the classic set were personally sourced by Kettl and are part of our exclusive catalog of products. Our Classic Set contains two of Japan’s most celebrated teas: Sencha, a classic steamed green tea and Houjicha, a comforting roasted green tea.  Each set comes in a gift box.

Tea Bag Set - Classic

1 x Sencha Jou Tea Bags, 12pcs

Our Sencha Jou is spring picked and incredibly fragrant with a rare depth of flavor and vibrant green color. 

1 x Houjicha Tea Bags, 12pcs

Sencha leaves and stems are roasted until caramelizing imbuing this tea with deep fragrances of toasted hazelnut, burnt sugar and slight smoke. Houjicha is light on the palate and naturally low in caffeine. 

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