Tea Caddy Medium - Natural

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A tea caddy hand made in Yamanaka Onsen - an aread known for its highly skilled wood turning technique. Minimal processing of the wood allows for greater expression of the woods natural finish. The lid seals tightly allowing for tea storage that minimizes fragrance and aroma loss. 

Capacity: 90g of standard sencha.

Color: Clear Material: Stopper, urethane coating
Country of origin: Made in Japan (Ishikawa Prefecture)

[About handling of lacquerware and wooden products] - Hand wash tableware after use in lukewarm water using a soft sponge and dish detergent. please. ・Please dry the washed dishes naturally. If you are concerned about water marks, wipe them with a soft cloth. ・Wooden tableware may break if subjected to strong impact. If the product cracks due to impact or the painted surface peels off, please refrain from using it. - Our products are not compatible with microwave ovens, dishwashers, or steamers, so please refrain from using them in microwave ovens, dishwashers, or steamers. - Avoid direct sunlight and high humidity, and store in a shaded area with good ventilation.

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