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Tenkuu Competition Sencha | 天空

Packaging Size: 50g Bag

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About Tenkuu Sencha | 天空煎茶


Tenkuu occupies the rare position of being Hinpyoukai-cha - competition class tea. This exquisitely crafted Yabukita Sencha hails from the town of Wazuka just south of Kyoto. From field to factory, Tenkuu is a labor of love - an absolute pinnacle representation of the gentle power and sophistication of Uji tea...

The brewed tea is incredibly fragrant and the pale brewed liquor is a testament to the expert steaming and rolling of the leaf. A notable freshness remains even after this tea has been resting in refrigeration for 14 months. Intensity and grace are evenly balanced with a slightly floral nose and a deep, focused umami with reminiscent of sweet pea, artichoke and flowers (much less "protein-like" than Yame gyokuro).

What is so special about this tea? Tenkuu is an absolute labor of love. Teas produced specifically for competitive tea fairs in Japan are known as "Shuppin-cha" [出品茶] or "Hinpyoukai-cha" [品評会茶] and Tenkuu is one of them. Teas of this caliber are meant to showcase the skill of the producer and while they don't make up a large percentage of the volume of a tea makers yearly sales, they are considered extremely important. Made from 100% Yabukita cultivar. We were overwhelmed with the intensity and richness of this Sencha. The notable umami is a product of enriched soil and careful cultivation techniques while the perfect needle-shaped leaves are created under the watchful eye of the producer. Absolutely stunning and a must-try for serious Japanese tea lovers.

Recommended for: Serious Sencha aficionados. Drink 25g now and keep the rest in the fridge and check back in with it over the next few months.

Notes on Production

Single Grower | Single Producer | Single Cultivar

The top of the top - competition grade Sencha

Cultivars: Yabukita

Tasting Notes

Kombu | Stunning Clarity | Intense Body


Uji, Japan

Brewing Instructions

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Delicious, smooth Gyokuro
Mild and fragrant sencha
Very tasty

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