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Tsuyuhikari Houjicha | つゆひかりほうじ茶

Packaging Size: 50g bag

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About Tsuyuhikari Houjicha | つゆひかりほうじ茶

Description: Our obsession with Houjicha continues. We are proud to add this gem from Fukuoka prefecture. Made from the name sake cultivar, Tsuyuhikari, this Houjicha brews up light and rich with plenty of body. The light to medium roast adds a nutty perfume to the already rich and grassy notes of the cultivar. This is our first encounter with a single cultivar houjicha that is not made from Yabukita. We love this tea as it cuts both ways: interesting enough to ponder in a deep tea session while still being totally gulpable while meeting with friends or getting some work done. A true tea for everyone!

What is so special about this tea? Tsuyuhikari is the offspring of both Asatsuyu (think buttery umami like our Asa No Yume) and Shizu 7132. The spicy sakura like notes in this tea are a product of higher levels of Coumarin that come from the Shizu 7132 side of things. We love the slight baked vanilla and sakura mochi notes with just enough umami to round things out.

Recommended for: Lovers of houjicha. A fun and unique perspective on things.

Notes on Production


Single Grower | Single Producer | Single Cultivar

Medium Roast Houjicha

Cultivars: Tsuyuhikari

Tasting Notes

Roasted Cashew | Sakura Mochi | Spice


Uji, Japan

Brewing Instructions

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Smooth and sweet

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