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Yame Sencha No. 5 | 八女煎茶

Yame sencha tea leaves

Deep steaming and longer firing imbues this tea with an lively and intoxicating aroma. A tea that is fresh, bright and full of life. Harvested in Hoshinomura Village, Yame Japan in May 2018.


Additional Information

Yame Sencha No 5 is a wonderful introduction to the world of Fukuoka Teas. This particular sencha is a blend of primarily Saemidori, Okumidori, and finished with a small amount of Tsuyuhikari. A slight nuttiness reveals itself helping to elevate the teas natural sweetness. A notable umami follows.


5-6g Leaf / 130-150ml Water (175°F) / 1 Minute


Packaging: 100g, Oxygen Free Bag

Hand crafted by Baba San

Customer Reviews

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Fresh, bright, perfect morning tea

One of my go-to morning teas. Great deep steamed blend with a nice deep green liquor. Was previously a big Saemidori drinker and saw that it was in this blend and was immediately hooked.

Nice balanced umami with wheat-grass and fresh green flavors and some stone fruit. Second brew is still good, more fruity, less body/vegetal and umami characteristics.

Overall a great tea!

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