Class | Incense Series, Kettl x Hyungi Park : Listening to Scent (Saturday, May 25th - 1:00 pm)

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We are excited to announce a new class in collaboration with LA-based multi-disciplinary artist Hyungi Park, exploring the impact of fragrance, aroma, and scent in both tea and incense. During this class, attendees will be guided through a thoughtful assessment of three unique teas paired with a Kodo-style incense workshop. This class will emphasize the appreciation of scent and its expression as aroma through tea and as fragrance through incense. At every step of brewing, we will take time to appreciate and qualify aroma. Interwoven between brews, participants will learn about a history of kodo, or the practice of appreciating incense, and nerikoh, a style of traditionally kneaded incense. The session will culminate in a workshop where attendees craft their own nerikoh. All attendees will also receive a beautiful incense kit to practice their own form of kodo at home, as well as a bag of Kettl House Roasted Houjicha, so they continue to practice the ritual of listening to and appreciating scent.

Incense kit includes: 

  • Materials to make 20-30 incense pellets
  • Ceramic incense burner
  • White ash (1.7oz)
  • Incense charcoals (12x)
  • Unwrapped Mica plate (2x)
  • Small fabric pouch for incense pellets 
  • Large fabric pouch for whole kit

Class will last roughly 2 hours, and takes place in our gallery space located in the back of our 70 Greenpoint ave, Brooklyn cafe.

Please note all classes are non-refundable and non-transferable