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Kyomidori Gyokuro | きょうみどり玉露

Packaging Size: 50g Bag

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About Kyomidori Gyokuro | きょうみどり玉露

Description: The name Yamashita is to Gyokuro as Domaine Leflaive is to Chardonnay or Domainee de la Romanee-Conti is to Pinot Noir. It is a name that carries significant influence and respect in the industry. Shinki Yamashita, who produced this stunning 2019 100% Kyomidori Gyokuro is tending the same plants he inherited from his grandfather, the legendary Toshikazu Yamashita. It is hard to understate Toshikazu san's influence on the industry of Gyokuro - he has won the National prize more than any other producer and his teas was bestowed the "Order of the sacred treasure" by the Prime Minister of Japan as well as "Master craftsman of Japan" but the Japanese Ministry of Labor. Shinki san has been guided by his grandfather and is now producing top tier, prize-winning Gyokuro of his own. We are proud to be the sole supplier of his unblended, 100% Kyomidori Gyokuro anywhere - Japan included.

What is so special about this tea? This tea was acquired from the Yamashita families private stock. We are honored to be able to showcase this unique cultivar. Kyomidori is native to the Uji area and is often found in Kyotanabe, where this Gyokuro hails from. Absolutely stunning character - a powerful, creamy and almost oily rich umami that refreshes the palate and is not overbearing in the least. You have to taste to believe.

Recommended for: Once in a lifetime Gyokuro

Notes on Production

Single Grower | Single Producer | Single Cultivar

100% Kyomidori cultivar Gyokuro from Shinki Yamashita, Kyotanabe, Uji.

Cultivars: Kyomidori

Tasting Notes

Refined Umami | Elegant Power | Refined Freshness


Uji, Japan

Brewing Instructions

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