Fuyu No Hana 100g | 冬の花煎茶
Fuyu No Hana 100g | 冬の花煎茶
Fuyu No Hana 100g | 冬の花煎茶
Fuyu No Hana 100g | 冬の花煎茶

Fuyu No Hana 100g | 冬の花煎茶

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A charming tea that is a burst of freshness in the short, cold days of early winter. Fuyu no Hana means Winter Flower and is gently dried with traditional Japanese charcoal imparting a gently toasted note. A lovely tea perfect for a meaninful everyday cup.

Tasting Notes: Spring scent / Toasted praline / Subdued Umami

Tea Origin: Fukuoka, Japan

Packaging: 100g, Oxygen Free Bag

Brewing. 1st Steep: 6g of leaf | 180g of water @ 180°F | Steep for 1 minute. 2nd Steep: 185°F | Steep for 30 seconds

Storage: Keep the tea in the refrigerator. After opening, place the tin in a ziploc bag before returning to the fridge - this will protect the tea from absorbing any aromas from your refrigerator.

Description: A unique seasonal selection, Fuyu No Hana is gently dried over Sumi Japanese charcoal. This Sencha has a gentle character with a medium bodied mouthfeel and a soft mineral mouthfeel. The true enchantment is Fuyu No Hana's aroma - truly seductive and the perfect accompaniment the cold, dark mornings of deep winter.

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