Kukicha #1 | 茎茶
Kukicha #1 | 茎茶
Kukicha #1 | 茎茶
Kukicha #1 | 茎茶
Kukicha #1 | 茎茶
Kukicha #1 | 茎茶
Kukicha #1 | 茎茶
Kukicha #1 | 茎茶

Kukicha #1 | 茎茶

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A Blend Of Stems And Leaf From The Hills Of Fukuoka. Kukicha Boasts A Beautiful Glowing Green Color, Rich Fruity Aroma, And A Sparkling Finish. Poised And Refined But Priced To Enjoyed Daily.

Tasting Notes: Blanched Greens / Citrus / Gentle Umami 

Tea Origin: Fukuoka, Japan

Packaging: 100g, Oxygen Free Bag

Brewing. 1st Steep: 6g of leaf | 180g of water @ 180°F | Steep for 1 minute. 2nd Steep: 185°F | Steep for 30 seconds

Storage: Keep the tea in the refrigerator. After opening, place the tin in a ziploc bag before returning to the fridge - this will protect the tea from absorbing any aromas from your refrigerator.

Description: A blend of stems and leaf from the hills of Fukuoka. Kukicha boasts a beautiful glowing green color, rich fruity aroma, and a slightly toasty finish. Poised and refined but priced to be enjoyed daily. Kukicha is often we wind ourselves drinking at home. Brimming with flavor and aroma, it is about as satisfying a tea you can find.

What is so special about this tea? The word "Mottainai" in Japanese roughly translates to "waste nothing" - and this is a direct product of that mind frame. The stems and irregular pieces that are removed during the finishing process of sencha are reconstituted along with some sencha leaf. My favorite part of this process is that you capitalize on all parts of the plant. The tea stem has a wonderfully fruity character that you often miss in sencha - and when the stem comes from as high quality of tea plants as ours, you get beautiful balance and a notable savory tang. If you are looking for a deeply satisfying tea for daily consumption, look no further.

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how do we describe kukicha?

Grassy + mildly fruity

An easy drinking Sencha with a rich, toasty aroma

getting the best out of your sencha

brew like a pro

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