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Shizuku Gyokuro | 雫玉露

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About Shizuku Gyokuro | 雫玉露

Description: Shizuku means "single drop" and is a term used to describe a style of drinking Gyokuro in which a high volume of leaf and a small amount of water is used to produce a single drop of intense, richly flavored tea. Only teas of a refined quality can be used with this method. Our Shizuku Gyokuro is crafted using the traditional "Honzu" method of rice straw covering. Honzu accounts for less than 10% of Gyokuro made in Japan - but teas made in this traditional style are known for their "taste of the wind". This is a spectacular Gyokuro and a wonderful step into the world of old school, traditionally made tea.

What is so special about this tea? From the award winning village of Hoshinomura deep in the mountains of Fukuoka, Shizuku represents a class of tea rarely found outside of Japan's domestic market. Crafted by one of the Japan's most celebrated Gyokuro producers, this tea perfectly represents the power and dashi like umami of Fukuoka Gyokuro. A majority of Gyokuro sold online is Kabuse cha, a shaded form of sencha that does not undergo long term shading. In order to fully develop the color, fragrance and flavor of true Gyokuro, the producer must commit to following the process from fertilization of the soil to final processing. The commitement requires time, energy and financial resources - but the outcome is something wholly unique and singular. You simply cannot craft true Gyokuro without complete commitment.

Recommended for: Lovers of umami and refined, rich tea.

Notes on Production


Single Grower | Single Producer | Multi Cultivar

High Grade Shade Grown Gyokuro

Cultivars: Saemidori, Tsuyuhikari, Okumidori

Tasting Notes

Citrus | Toasty | Savory Tang


Fukuoka, Japan

Brewing Instructions

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Customer Reviews

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Best gyokuro I’ve had (you get what you pay for)

The best, but I’ve never paid this much either.. I’ve drunk mostly senchas for years, and one click lower quality; so this is the yardstick for my review. I’m not sure if I like Shizuku or o-cha’s yume no Ukihashi better (both in the same ballpark price-wise).. Brewed both at 140F.. Also tried first brew at 122F for 2 minutes, then second brew at 180F for a free seconds.. Both brew multiple cups, and the third brew is good too (doesn’t wash out easily).. Both are remarkably mellow (I believe this is umami?).. At this point however, I’m asking myself if I miss a percentage of astringency (I certainly don’t miss astringency in the last sencha brew). This tea is easy on the stomach (not a bit of tea-indigestion that I do sometimes get from sencha’s). The website says brew 115F (I think the package was different). I brewed 122-140 range. This tea is easy to brew, but I’ll try 115 today.
UPDATE: I tried the first brew at 115F for a bit over 2min, and it was magical (pre heated the shiboridashi of course).

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