Gyokuro Tea Bag | 玉露

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Gyokuro Tea Bags | 玉露

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About Gyokuro Tea Bags | 玉露

Gyokuro Tea Bag: A feat we didn't necessarily think we could pull off. But we went for it anyway. Gyokuro is as prized a tea as any other in Japan and the idea of doing it any injustice just wasn't something We were interested in. But We found an incredible tea maker in Fukuoka, Japan who shared something truly special with us. 5g of 100% shaded Gyokuro blended with a hint of stone ground Matcha powder. After harvest, the leaves of our Gyokuro tea bags are processed and then cut about 50% smaller than traditional Gyokuro to allow for a quick released in the tea bag. After cutting, the tea undergoes a light firing called Hiire which adds a lightly nutty aroma and adds a depth of sweetness that is remarkable and until now not available in tea bag form.

A Tea Bag?: We love the portability and ease of a tea bag, but have always been less than impressed with the quality of both the tea inside and the experience of brewing tea a with them. We always wondered, what if someone put great quality tea in a tea bag that was designed to actually make great tea? Well, We didn't want to wait - so we went ahead and made it ourselves. Each one of these tea bags is made with real leaf in a pyramid shaped bag which provides enough room to allow the tea to steep properly

Notes on Production


Single Grower | Single Producer | Multi Cultivar

21 day shaded green tea

Cultivars: Blend

Tasting Notes

Toasted Hazelnut | Umami Tang | Lingering Sweetness


Yame, Fukuoka, Japan

Brewing Instructions

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