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Houjicha Tea Bags | ほうじ茶

Packaging Sizes: 12pcs & 100pcs

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About Houjicha Tea Bags | ほうじ茶

Houjicha: Houjicha refers to a style of Japanese green tea that undergoes a secondary process of roasting. While many green teas undergo "hiire" - a type of firing to adjust moisture and bring out sweetness and balance - the roasting applied to houjicha is completely different. Roasting the green tea imbues it with a nutty, toasty fragrance and lowers the overall caffeine content of the tea making it the perfect accompaniment to food as well as an everyday classic.

A Tea Bag?: We love the portability and ease of a tea bag, but have always been less than impressed with the quality of both the tea inside and the experience of brewing tea with them. We always wondered, what if someone put great quality tea in a tea bag that was designed to actually make great tea? Well, We didn't want to wait - so we went ahead and made it ourselves. Each one of these tea bags is made with real leaf in a pyramid shaped bag which provides enough room to allow the tea to steep properl.y -

Notes on Production


Single Grower | Single Producer | Multi Cultivar

Cultivars: Seasonal Blend

Tasting Notes

Hazelnut | Toasted Grain | Slight Umami


Fukuoka, Japan

Brewing Instructions

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Customer Reviews

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Five stars!
The best Houjicha I have EVER had!
Lovely taste

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