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Hukuju Matcha |福寿抹茶

Packaging Size: 100g Tin

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About Hukuju Matcha | 福寿抹茶

Description: We are proud to release a brand new matcha specifically crafted for making iced matcha and blended latte drinks. Our Hukuju represents everything we stand for - incredible fragrance, texture color and taste. Expect a fresh and nutty matcha that integrates seamlessly with milk, nut milks, and ice. Packaged in 100g cans for daily use.

What is so special about this tea? True first flush, stone milled matcha. This matcha is a testament to the impeccable skill of not only the farmers involved, but those running the factory. The elevate the teas aroma and natural sweetness, a gentle Hiire was applied to the tencha before grinding. This is what gives Hukuju its deep nuttiness and toasty, creamy finish. Blended with milk or nutmilk, these flavors create a harmony similar to our favorite matcha ice cream. A decadent treat meant to be enjoyed daily. This is the matcha we use for our matcha chocolate and ice cream recipes.  

Recommended for: A great everyday matcha for making iced and as a latte.

Notes on Production

Multi Grower | Single Producer | Multi Cultivar

Shaded, stone milled matcha from Fukuoka

Cultivars: Yabukita, Tsuyu Hikari, Okumidori

Tasting Notes

Toasted Cashew | Creamy | Intense fragrance


Fukuoka, Japan

Brewing Instructions

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Matcha Latte

I've tried other matchas for lattes, but this one is sublime. When I'm in a rush in the morning, I throw it in a blender with oat milk, no sweetener required, then pour it over ice. It's such a quick and lazy method, but the quality of matcha (and milk) does all the work.

A versatile matcha

Matcha sold for for mixed or iced drinks often has a bitter or metallic taste and is olive green in color; I guess the suggestion is to add sugar. With this tea, that's not necessary. Its powder is bright green in the can and blue-green in the glass. It has a lingering taste of honeydew along with the nutty and creamy notes. For an oat milk latte I prefer to whisk the tea into a small amount of heated oat milk rather than water, and pour that into colder oat milk over ice. The interplay of nutty sweetness and oats has some of the pleasures of cereal milk. This tea is smooth enough to drink hot or iced. Delicious, and a good value.

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