We are happy to have you in our home

Kettl at Home

Please welcome our new collection of homeware curated by Kettl owner Minami Mangan. This is an assortment of wares that channel the spirit of Japanese tea, elevated cuisine, and design to bring the ritual of Kettl into the home.

Kettl x craft

From our inception, we have believed that handcrafted goods enhance your time at home. This new collection draws a wider circle and celebrates our own love of cooking, and sharing food, the daily celebration that connects us to each other.

Tea is the thread that runs through us

Tea is an intersection where all the things we love intersect: design, community, culture, and of course cuisine. The Kettl at home collection is a physical manifestation of that idea.

Old Is New

We deeply believe in the power of handmade goods. As a counterbalance to our digital landscape, Japan's deep world of craft offers us a chance to slow down, recalibrate and spend our time with things that enrich our life and actually gain beauty as they age.

life is precious. Spend it at home.

We are so excited to have you along for the next chapter of Kettl—a glass of mizudashi Sencha, a bowl or rice, and a connection to a thousand years of Japanese craft. We are happy to have you in our home.