Tea from the heart: Yame | 八女

Tea from the heart of Kyushu

Yame, Fukuoka

Yame lies at the center of Fukuoka prefecture and has been producing pinnacle grade tea for over 5 centuries. Many varieties of tea are produced here - but Yame Dento Hon Gyokuro remains the diamond in it's crown. Yame was awarded Geographical Indication (GI) - a national honor and celebration of Yame's unique terroir and dedication to preserving traditional techniques.

Tradition. Innovation. Excellence.

Hand crafted at every step

Yame has a reputation for a total commitment to heritage techniques. Quality trumps quantity and Yame's passion for excellence is evident in their 22 year consecutive streak of producing Japan's #1 Gyokuro. Additionally, Yame has developed forward thinking products such as black tea, oolong and organic products cementing it as an innovator in the Japanese tea industry.

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Tea from the heart of Kyushu

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