Amida Kama

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A classic shape meant to be used with a Ro style burner. Made by Masamitsu Kikuchi.

The charm of cast iron is that it soften and enhances water allowing for deeper flavor, color and aroma to be extracted from Japanese tea.

Kama are meant to heat the water. We recommend using electric or induction heat. If you use flame, please keep the flame low. IT IS VERY IMPORTANT THAT THE PIECE IS DRIED AFTER EACH USE BY POURING OUT THE WATER AND ALLOWING IT TO DRY QUICKLY OVER LOW HEAT.

Never scrub, wash, or touch the inside of the piece. Only water should come in contact with the inside. When you receive the piece, please boil and discard water around 10 times before using it. There is a natural urushi lacquer coating on the interior that may discolor the water at first - this is normal.