Asahi Honzu Matcha | あさひ抹茶
Asahi Honzu Matcha | あさひ抹茶
Asahi Honzu Matcha | あさひ抹茶
Asahi Honzu Matcha | あさひ抹茶
Asahi Honzu Matcha | あさひ抹茶
Asahi Honzu Matcha | あさひ抹茶
Asahi Honzu Matcha | あさひ抹茶
Asahi Honzu Matcha | あさひ抹茶

Asahi Honzu Matcha | あさひ抹茶

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We Are Excited To Offer An Unblended 100% Asahi Cultivar Matcha From Uji, Japan. Asahi Cultivar Is Revered In Uji For Its Natural Sweetness, Aroma, And Deep Green Color. This Is A Wonderful Opportunity To Try A Style Of Tea Not Commonly Found Outside Of Japan's Domestic Market, Or Inside It For That Matter. 

Tasting Notes: Ambrosial / Clear Umami / Concentrated Sweetness

Tea Origin: Uji, Japan

Packaging: 20g Canister


Traditional Matcha
Usucha: In a tea bowl, whisk 2g of sifted Matcha powder with 65g of water (180°F) with a bamboo whisk until a fine foam is achieved.

Koicha: In a tea bowl, add 4g of sifted Matcha powder and 30-35g of water (180°F) and knead gently with a whisk until the matcha is completely mixed and is the texture of paint.

Iced Matcha: Add 2g of sifted Matcha to a tumbler or thermos, add 200g of cold filtered water and shake vigorously for 30 seconds. Pour over ice.

Storage: Keep the tin in the refrigerator. After opening, place the tin in a ziploc bag before returning to the fridge - this will protect the tea from absorbing any aromas from your refrigerator.

Description: We are excited to offer an unblended 100% Asahi cultivar matcha. The leaves of this matcha have been cultivated in the shade of traditional rice straw coverings, hand-picked, and gently processed. This Asahi won the 2019 All Kyoto #1 Tencha. Furukawa san and his wife make some of the most sought after matcha in all of Kyoto. Their farm is situated in the prestigious area on the banks of the Uji river and benefits from nitrogen-rich, well-drained soil. Combined with meticulous garden management, it is no wonder his teas are so refined.

What is so special about this tea? Single cultivar matcha is still incredibly rare to find in the consumer market place. Due to the wonderful relationship we have cultivated with the producer, several kilograms a year are made available to us. Brewing this tea takes some focus and a bit more time than regular tea, but the results are astounding. Asahi matcha is both elegantly soft and simultaneously powerful. The incredible skill that went into the garden management, harvest and production of this tea make it one of the most astounding products we've come across [the 2019 version of this won the Kyoto National Tea Fair #1 Tencha]. This tea embodied a certain finesse we have never come across: rich while maintaining sophisticated levity - an incredible tension of deep and light.

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How do we describe asahi honzu matcha?

balanced + fresh

Made from 100% unblended Asahi cultivar, the pinot noir of tencha, from a single garden, this Matcha offers the deep fragrance of fresh nori seaweed with a stunning balance of umami and understated sweetness.

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